"“Sweetheart, you are in pain. Relax. Take a breath. Let’s pay attention to what is happening; then we’ll figure out what to do.” – Sylvia Boorstein "



  • Why you should disappoint your parents | Desiree Akhavan    (2024-04-11)
    When filmmaker Desiree Akhavan told her Iranian immigrant parents she was in love with a woman, she knew they would object. She explains why it's worth the risk to let people get to know the real you.
  • Can cannabis help you sleep? Here's the science | Jen Walsh    (2024-04-10)
    Can cannabis actually treat insomnia? It's complicated, says sleep physiologist Jen Walsh. While the plant has been used across time and cultures, there's been little scientific research on how it impacts sleep disorders like insomnia. That's precisely where she and her team come in. Learn about the world's first study into the potential of medicinal cannabis as a safe, accessible treatment to help us all rest easy.
  • A new national park to reclaim Indigenous land | Tracie Revis    (2024-04-09)
    In a part of the United States with more than 17,000 years of human history, cultural preservation advocate Tracie Revis is working to turn the Ocmulgee Mounds into Georgia's first national park and preserve. This park would be co-managed by the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, bringing the tribal voice back to an area they were forcibly removed from 200 years ago. Revis explores the complex feelings of caring for this land and shows how it's fostering healing in return.
  • Ideas change everything — and what’s next for TED | Chris Anderson and Monique Ruff-Bell    (2024-04-09)
    TED is on a mission to discover and champion the ideas that will shape tomorrow. Reflecting on the evolution of that mission, TED’s Chris Anderson and Monique Ruff-Bell cast a visionary gaze on the organization’s future — including a revamped tagline, a renewed emphasis on debate and the launch of an exciting new conference — and explore the indispensable role of ideas in navigating societal challenges and fostering global innovation. Learn more about TED’s enduring legacy, its path forward for the decades ahead and how you can join us in sparking a brighter future.
  • Can AI catch criminals at sea? | Dyhia Belhabib    (2024-04-08)
    Can AI help catch oceanic outlaws? From drug smugglers to modern-day pirates, maritime crime fighter Dyhia Belhabib introduces Heva: an AI-powered tool that aggregates international criminal records to detect and stop crime that might otherwise get swept away in the tide.
  • Music, movement and poetry | Tunde Olaniran    (2024-04-05)
    Joined onstage by four dancers, multidisciplinary artist Tunde Olaniran smolders through a set of songs powered by experimental electronic beats.
  • A futuristic vision for Latin America, rooted in ancient design | Catalina Lotero    (2024-04-04)
    What would Latin America look like if colonization hadn't interrupted its ancient civilizations? Imagining a future where ancestral knowledge intertwines with modern aesthetics, designer Catalina Lotero shows how "pre-Columbian futurism" draws inspiration from Indigenous symbolism and technology — empowering Latin America to reclaim lost cultural narratives.
  • How to spot a cult | Sarah Edmondson    (2024-04-03)
    Nobody joins a cult on purpose, says Sarah Edmondson, a former member of the infamous NXIVM cult and one of the three whistleblowers that led to its downfall. She explains how she got ensnared in this highly manipulative group — and then escaped it — and shares red flags to help you distinguish between a cult and a safe community.
  • Want to succeed in business? Find a problem to solve | Anthony Tan and Amane Dannouni    (2024-04-02)
    Anthony Tan — the CEO of Grab, Southeast Asia's leading super-app — talks about launching a business that not only turns a profit but also helps people and the environment. In conversation with digital strategist Amane Dannouni, Tan discusses the design choices and tension points of running such a company and why it's something every entrepreneur should consider doing.
  • What happens to sex in midlife? A look at the "bedroom gap" | Maria Sophocles    (2024-04-02)
    Menopause isn't just hot flashes, says gynecologist and sexual medicine specialist Maria Sophocles. It's often accompanied by overlooked symptoms like painful sex or loss of libido. Shedding light on what she calls the "bedroom gap," or the difference in sexual expectations of men and women in midlife due to societal norms, Sophocles advocates for education, medical advancement and a new understanding of menopause — because sex should be pleasurable and comfortable for everyone.
  • A comedian's take on how to save democracy | Jordan Klepper    (2024-04-01)
    Conversation is a battlefield with only one winner. Or is it? Comedian and author Jordan Klepper believes we can get better at talking to each other (and perhaps save democracy) by learning how to lose.
  • The human cost of coal mining in China | Xiaojun "Tom" Wang    (2024-03-29)
    Xiaojun "Tom" Wang grew up in the Chinese province of Shanxi, the world's largest coal producer. Each year, more than a billion tons of coal are dug out of Shanxi's mountains, and the impacts are devastating — from massive landslides to damaged cultural sites and threats to human health. Wang illuminates the need for sustainable alternatives to protect the environment and ancestral homes, underscoring the rich heritage and untapped potential of provinces like his own.
  • How to live with economic doomsaying | Philipp Carlsson-Szlezak    (2024-03-28)
    Economic crises can and do happen. But for every true crisis, there are many false alarms, says economist Philipp Carlsson-Szlezak. He explains how to live with the media’s pervasive economic doomsaying, why we should stop treating financial forecasts like a precise science — and what we should embrace instead.
  • Your invitation to help build a sustainable future | Jim Snabe    (2024-03-27)
    "If we want to avoid a climate disaster, we need much more radical leadership," says Jim Snabe, who knows a thing or two about leadership as chairman of the world's largest maritime shipping company. In a stirring talk, he encourages companies to take big, bold actions to tackle climate change — and invites anyone to join the TED Future Forum, a new initiative focused on the role of business in advancing solutions to the climate crisis.
  • Let your garden grow wild | Rebecca McMackin    (2024-03-27)
    Many gardeners work hard to maintain clean, tidy environments ... which is the exact opposite of what wildlife wants, says ecological horticulturist Rebecca McMackin. She shows the beauty of letting your garden run wild, surveying the success she's had increasing biodiversity even in the middle of New York City — and offers tips for cultivating a garden that can be home to birds, bees, butterflies and more.

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