"I hate my job—all I do is crush cans all day. It’s soda pressing."


  • Are video calls the best we can do in the age of the metaverse? | Josephine Eyre    (2022-12-09)
    Remote work, while redefining the workplace landscape, seems stuck behind endless video conference calls that hinder free-flowing conversation and collaboration. In the 21st century, is that really the best we can do? Digital anthropologist Josephine Eyre makes the case for embracing the metaverse as an immersive meeting place that could help reignite creativity and communication.
  • How great leaders take on uncertainty | Anjali Sud and Stephanie Mehta    (2022-12-08)
    In a constantly changing world, it's impossible for leaders to provide employees with the assurance they want, says Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud. Her solution: lead with humanity and flexibility. In conversation with veteran journalist Stephanie Mehta, Sud discusses her experience connecting remote employees worldwide, addressing burnout and adapting company practices for the needs of the next generation. Hear her vision for the future of work and ideas on how to be a leader that empowers others.
  • How Indigenous guardians protect the planet and humanity | Valérie Courtois    (2022-12-07)
    "If we take care of the land, the land takes care of us," says Indigenous leader Valérie Courtois. As climate change continues to devastate the planet, Indigenous guardians are helping to honor our responsibility to the land, monitoring water quality, conducting research and working to restore key species. Courtois invites us all to support the guardians working to ensure that humanity has a future on Earth -- and to discover that healing the land can transform us as well.
  • How to tap into your awareness -- and why meditation is easier than you think | Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche    (2022-12-06)
    Meditation asks you to slip into a state of serene presence. But why does something that sounds effortless often feel so difficult? In this lighthearted invitation, spiritual leader Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche shares three steps to help you accept the ebb and flow of your emotions and learn to meditate anytime, anywhere.
  • Demystifying the wild world of crypto | Laura Shin    (2022-12-05)
    Is crypto truly the next big thing, or is it just a money-sucking flash in the pan? In a wide-ranging interview, journalist Laura Shin explains what crypto is (and what it definitely isn't), taking us through the most recent turns in its constantly evolving story -- including the recent meltdown caused by the bankruptcy of FTX. (This conversation, hosted by TED tech curator Simone Ross, was part of an exclusive TED Membership event on November 30, 2022. Visit ted.com/membership to become a TED Member.)
  • How can we escape soaring energy bills? Stop using fossil fuels | Tessa Khan    (2022-12-05)
    As oil and gas companies continue to make record profits off of the same forces driving climate chaos, war and soaring energy bills, it's become clear that boom times for the fossil fuel industry are bad times for the rest of us, says climate change lawyer Tessa Khan. She asks us to consider the true cost of our reliance on fossil fuels, outlining why the transition to safer, cleaner forms of energy has never been more urgent.
  • A disability-inclusive future of work | Ryan Gersava    (2022-12-02)
    One billion people worldwide are living with a disability, and too many of them are left unemployed or feeling like they need to hide their conditions due to discriminatory hiring practices, says social innovator Ryan Gersava. With a focus on healing and disclosure, he created an online school to provide people like him with the technical skills and employment aid they need to thrive. Now he's calling for every company to initiate efforts to welcome and support those with disabilities, creating a future of work that leaves no one behind.
  • How to tackle the stigma of living with HIV | Gareth Thomas    (2022-12-01)
    After his HIV diagnosis, former pro rugby player Gareth Thomas set out on a mission to tackle the stigma and shame that prevent people from getting the testing and care they need. In this empowering talk, Thomas shares his mission to demystify and redefine what it means to live with HIV -- and shares how each of us can normalize conversations around all vilified conditions.
  • Why you feel anxious socializing (and what to do about it) | Fallon Goodman    (2022-11-30)
    In crowds, at parties, meetings, get-togethers with friends, everyday interactions: social anxiety can show up as an unwelcome guest at any time. But why? Psychologist Fallon Goodman digs into the source of social anxiety, setting the record straight about this common condition with practical solutions to help you feel the most authentically "you" while out and about.
  • Why joy is a state of mind | Angélique Kidjo    (2022-11-28)
    With infectious energy, singer-songwriter Angélique Kidjo ties together the threads of her legendary career as a creative force and global activist. In conversation with journalist Femi Oke, she discusses how joy powers her music (and sings an incredible impromptu song), details her work spreading educational opportunities to women and girls across Africa and shares her belief that everybody has the power to tap into their potential.
  • The fight for freedom in Iran and Ukraine | Christiane Amanpour    (2022-11-28)
    Neutrality isn't an option when it comes to the fight for personal and political freedom, says world-trotting journalist Christiane Amanpour. Offering context on some of the most significant stories impacting the world today, Amanpour details her experience covering the women-led protests ignited by the death of Mahsa Amini in Iran and shares insights on the war against totalitarianism in Ukraine, revealing realities missing from global reporting. (This conversation, hosted by TED current affairs curator Whitney Pennington Rodgers, was part of an exclusive TED Membership event. Visit ted.com/membership to become a TED Member.)
  • Whose land are you on? What to know about the Indigenous Land Back movement | Lindsey Schneider    (2022-11-23)
    Land thrives in Indigenous hands, and there are real, tangible ways you can help return what was stolen by colonizers from tribes across North America. Indigenous scholar Lindsey Schneider addresses the ill-gotten legacy of settler colonialism with an introduction to the Land Back movement: the push to return stewardship of the Earth to its rightful guardians and restore balance to ecosystems for generations to come.
  • How vaccines are developed -- and why they're safe | Jen Gunter    (2022-11-23)
    Bringing transparency to how a vaccine becomes a vaccine, Dr. Jen Gunter breaks down research, development and testing that makes these life-saving therapeutics safe -- long before they reach your local pharmacy. For more on how your body works, tune in weekly to her podcast Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter, from the TED Audio Collective.
  • 3 steps to build peace and create meaningful change | Georgette Bennett    (2022-11-22)
    As the child of Holocaust survivors and a World War II refugee herself, peace builder Georgette Bennett was stunned by the human toll and tragedy of the Syrian civil war. She got to work, bringing together historical enemies to build an aid pipeline from Israel to Syria -- a feat many considered impossible, but has since helped millions. Through this inspiring story of unlikely partnership, Bennett shares three steps for creating change and invites all of us to take action when we see someone in need.
  • AI-generated creatures that stretch the boundaries of imagination | Sofia Crespo    (2022-11-21)
    Can AI help us see beyond our human capabilities? Through a kaleidoscopic blend of technology, nature and art, neural artist Sofia Crespo brings to life animals that push the boundaries of creativity and imagination. Her artistic renditions of chimeras combine images of real-world endangered species to create something totally new -- with the intention of inspiring real-world conservation. Witness a speculative study of creatures that never existed, brought to life by AI.


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